Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jennie from the Blocks

Before I had baby #3 in November, I had a little side business where I made custom wooden blocks. I loved making the blocks and using my creative side but they were very time consuming. I still wanted to have a hobby/outlet/income for all the cute girl clothes at Target so I have started making these family name boards. Clay and I received one when we got married and I have always loved it! It hangs about the pantry door in our kitchen. It also helps us remember how long we have been married :) These boards make great gifts especially for weddings, anniversaries or just because. I gave them as teacher gifts- I know they thought I was crazy when I asked what year they were married!
The boards measure 24" long and 7" tall. The standard board is black with beige vinyl lettering. The edges are routed and sanded so it has a nice finished look. The price is $30. If you would like another color board or vinyl, the price is $35. I can ship them anywhere! You can check out more pictures here. Email me at if you are interested or have any questions!

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