Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two great sites you MUST know about!

Have you heard about these two great sites? Do you like a deal? Check them out!

Very Jane promotes handmade and boutique items at discounted prices. And this week they are offering all of their deals for FREE! Sign up for their email list and you'll get the deal of the day sent right to you. Very cute stuff at very affordable prices!

And the other one I am loving is Pick Your Plum. They offer the most "swank" crafting supplies that they find and slap primo (aka ridiculously low) pricing on them. There are limited supplies so you have to get there fast. They post every day at 8am EST. Sign up for their email alerts and you'll be the first to know!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Wedding Party Ideas

Ah the Wedding Week is here! All the pomp and circumstance is getting me excited- even Disney Junior (the drug of choice at our house) is having a "Royal Wedding Week."  Are you having a viewing party? I am attending one at my friend's home aka Edgarham Palace but don't think we lovelies are waking up at 5am. No, thanks to DVR those of us with kids and jobs can actually watch the festivities a little later in the day (or night) and enjoy every gory detail! How did our moms do it back in 1981 for Charles and Diana?
 Are you looking for ideas for your party? Decorations? Food? Dust off your tiara and try some of these!

The "Keep Calm" print above can be found here for FREE download from The TomKat Studio. Included in the printable collection are these adorable cupcake toppers or use them as tags and tie them on the tiaras you will give your guests as they arrive!

More free printables can be found here from the Design Editor. She includes an invitation, pennants, drink wraps and crowns!

Hostess with the Mostess designed a beautiful party collection in yellows and blues that could be used for the Royal Wedding party. All the printables are FREE on her site. The colors are stunning!

 How cute is this drink stirrer idea? Glue plastic princess rings (found at any party store) to lollipop sticks. Genius!

Lettering Delights has some great fonts and graphics on their site and some of them are even free including royal cupcake wrappers.

What will be on your menu? How about coronation chicken salad originally created for the queen's coronation?

 This fruit pizza would be a show stopper!
Or this "royal" blue velvet cake:
These English Rose Jam cakes would be a pretty addition to any table setting.

Hope these ideas help you with your party or gave you inspiration to have one! Cheers to the happy couple!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Centerpiece Idea and others

Whew! Y'all loved the S'meeps and the free printable! Over 1800 have been downloaded thus far- very exciting for my new little blog! Keep commenting, sharing and following! Sorry for the delay in a new post. We were hit with tornadoes here in Raleigh over the weekend and although we were fortunate enough to be okay, we have friends whose homes were destroyed. Please keep this area in your prayers!

Are you having an Easter brunch, hunt or get together and need a fun and cheap centerpiece? Check this out!
You will need:
-Mason jars (I got mine at Goodwill for 50 cents)
-Easter grass
-6" lollipop sticks
-Floral foam

 Cut a thin, tall piece of floral foam and wrap your grass around it. Stick the grass and foam down into the Mason jar, making sure the grass hides the foam.
Skewer your Peep with the lollipop stick. Poor Peep- first we make him a s'more and now he gets skewered!
Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around your jar, leaving a few inches to overlap. Place a dot of glue on the ribbon where it will overlap and wrap around the jar, gluing the ribbon together tightly. You could also put a dot of glue on the jar to stick the ribbon to it.
 Stick the peeps down into the floral foam and arrange to your liking! You could do this with all different color peeps, grass and ribbon. I will be making 10 and lining them long ways down the table. Fun, easy, cheap and edible!
If you are having an Easter get together, check out this adorable "Bunny Hop" over at Hostess with the Mostess. Great ideas on a budget! I love the brownies cut with a bunny cookie cutter and put on a stick for a centerpiece. Loving things on sticks these days!
And the "carrot patches" below are too cute! Just creme wafers, crumbs from the brownies and carrot lollipops from the dollar store!
I was in charge of my 2 yr old's Easter party at school and borrowed the bunny tail idea. The kids loved making the tails- what 2 yr old doesn't like glue? But even more so, they loved hopping around with their tails on! It was an easy craft and we got to sing "Here comes Peter Cottontail" many times as we hopped around the room.
A tail shot
Action shot- Hopping down the bunny trail!
Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! Come back next week as I will be dusting off my tiara to share some Royal Wedding Viewing Party ideas!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Want a fun treat to give to school friends, neighbors or the postman? Wrap up some S'meeps!

You will need
- Hershey bars
- graham crackers
-your favorite color Peeps!
-cellophane gift wrap
 Use cellophane gift wrap (I got my roll at the Dollar Store) and put some Easter grass in the bottom. Then stack the peeps on the bottow, the graham crackers in the middle and chocolate on top. Gather the cellophane and tie up with ribbon and a tag explaining the s'meeps. I know they are pretty self-explantory but it looks cute!

 Jack is very excited to bring these to his friends tomorrow.

Wait! You don't have a S'meeps tag? Let me help! I love when my favorite sites share their tags so I am sharing mine! Download your Easter S'meeps tag for free here and make your own! And if you have a four year old who insists on "boy" colors instead of Easter colors you can download the more masculine one here.
Leave a comment and let me know if you make your own Smeeps!

Oh and the cute subway art in the frame on my buffet is from the girls at eighteen25. You can download it for free too!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Egg Cake Pops

I love cake pops and I have made them a few times but it has been a while. I am in charge of the Easter party at preschool so I thought cake pops might go over well because what 2 yr old doesn't like cake and lollipops? And there is no icing mess to clean up!
 Cake Pops:
1 box of your favorite cake mix made to directions
1 tub of your favorite icing
Chocolate melts (I used Wilton)
Lollipop sticks

 Bake the cake and let it cool COMPLETELY
Crumble the cake up and spoon half of the tub of icing. Mix it up. You want to be able to make balls out of the "dough" so add icing as necessary.
 Stop and check on your super cute baking assistant!
Roll the "dough" into egg shapes and put on a cookie sheet. I covered mine in wax paper so they wouldn't stick. Put the eggs in the freezer for 2-4 hours to chill.
Melt you chocolate in the microwave. I always start with 1 minute and then check and continue in 30 second intervals because chocolate can overcook quickly. Stir the chocolate each time you check them.
Take a lollipop stick, dip it in the melted chocolate and then into the egg. The chocolate will help the stick stay in place. Roll the egg in the melted chocolate and shake off the excess chocolate. Immediately sprinkle because the chocolate will harden quickly.
Finished product
I learned that the multi-colored sprinkles are too big and do not stick well so I will need to find some that are a little smaller. The colored sugar did great and looks very festive! I put some floral foam in this tin bucket I got in the dollar section at target and stuck the pops in the foam. Add some grass and you have a great centerpiece for a party, gift for a neighbor or a treat for your own family!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Egg your friends and neighbors!

I only wish I were as creative as some of those out in blogland. The ladies over at eighteen25 are some of my favorites and shared this great idea for Easter. Fill plastic eggs with candy and hide them (or put in plain sight) all over your neighbors' yards. Print the sign out and tape it to their door. What a fun surprise! If you are short on time you could just fill a basket with eggs and leave it at the door! Print the sign from their post here.