Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Centerpiece Idea and others

Whew! Y'all loved the S'meeps and the free printable! Over 1800 have been downloaded thus far- very exciting for my new little blog! Keep commenting, sharing and following! Sorry for the delay in a new post. We were hit with tornadoes here in Raleigh over the weekend and although we were fortunate enough to be okay, we have friends whose homes were destroyed. Please keep this area in your prayers!

Are you having an Easter brunch, hunt or get together and need a fun and cheap centerpiece? Check this out!
You will need:
-Mason jars (I got mine at Goodwill for 50 cents)
-Easter grass
-6" lollipop sticks
-Floral foam

 Cut a thin, tall piece of floral foam and wrap your grass around it. Stick the grass and foam down into the Mason jar, making sure the grass hides the foam.
Skewer your Peep with the lollipop stick. Poor Peep- first we make him a s'more and now he gets skewered!
Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around your jar, leaving a few inches to overlap. Place a dot of glue on the ribbon where it will overlap and wrap around the jar, gluing the ribbon together tightly. You could also put a dot of glue on the jar to stick the ribbon to it.
 Stick the peeps down into the floral foam and arrange to your liking! You could do this with all different color peeps, grass and ribbon. I will be making 10 and lining them long ways down the table. Fun, easy, cheap and edible!
If you are having an Easter get together, check out this adorable "Bunny Hop" over at Hostess with the Mostess. Great ideas on a budget! I love the brownies cut with a bunny cookie cutter and put on a stick for a centerpiece. Loving things on sticks these days!
And the "carrot patches" below are too cute! Just creme wafers, crumbs from the brownies and carrot lollipops from the dollar store!
I was in charge of my 2 yr old's Easter party at school and borrowed the bunny tail idea. The kids loved making the tails- what 2 yr old doesn't like glue? But even more so, they loved hopping around with their tails on! It was an easy craft and we got to sing "Here comes Peter Cottontail" many times as we hopped around the room.
A tail shot
Action shot- Hopping down the bunny trail!
Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! Come back next week as I will be dusting off my tiara to share some Royal Wedding Viewing Party ideas!

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